Oh that Rex Harder!

Friday, 17 April 2009 00:56

Just after I saved the Teds of War as a test mp3, the thing I was using to put it all together decided to have a flip out and lose all my editing. I had to make do with the mp3 or face a agonising return to editing (which I may well do at some point but not now! I'm done in)

Here then is episode four of Lost Bearings: The Teds of War

I hope you like it. I think it's okay but am all angry I was denied final tweakings due to computer wankery.

It is now my birthday so I am going to demand stuff for the next... 23 hours now... and get away with it because it's my special day.
I predict a fail somehow.

I am to my bed now. I have finished watching series 1 of The Wire and am only vaguely interested. Will stick with it though because so many people are telling me to and I am a big fat Yes Man.

I'd better start turning my thoughts to what we're going to talk about on the next WhoCast. Last episode (114) we talked about the latest special Planet of the Dead which underwhelmed me slightly. Hoping for better things in the next few specials though! So I guess we'll be doing a feedback edition for 115.

We also need to do another BoxRoom Podcast, Jen! Jen? Are you reading this? Let's do one tomorrow (DO ONE!) when we're all drunk on birthday boozes!

Right then, trying to focus on the world around me isn't going too well so I am indeed off to that bed place to ride out the rest of this migraine that seems to be building.