Difficult Second Album

Tuesday, 14 April 2009 09:06

While I'm reeling from the underwhelming televisual offerings that slapped my unimpressed chops this weekend I now find myself sitting here the morning after creating a blog that I am going to be woe betided about until the end of time itself if I don't keep updated.

I have the week off work with the ultimate intention of getting my creative brain in gear which, unfortunately, seems to be stuck in reverse at the moment.

My plan for the day is to write Episode 4 of Lost Bearings!
It is a noble plan but you know... I need another coffee and there's a cat on me.

The writing process for this thing is really no process at all. The first three episodes just grew and then... were. I was discussing this with Jen yesterday and I completely forgot the amount of swearwords utilised during the recording due to the unbelievable troubles I had but... but... the end result was pretty good and I should recognise that rather than going, "Yeah, it's okay... not great... oh, see what you think... hope you like..."

I have attempted to write the next episode before and made a valiant start but it's not right, not right at all, so I'm starting from scratch.

So far I have a hundred posh blokes singing a song about cheese on toast.

Let's see where it goes from there.


senny dreadful said...

You can write round the cat! ;p

I like the cheese on toast start. I say go with it. Good luck babe!

14 April 2009 at 09:27
Marty Perrett said...

The Cheese on Toast song is in!

16 April 2009 at 16:10