Oh that Rex Harder!

Friday, 17 April 2009 00:56

Just after I saved the Teds of War as a test mp3, the thing I was using to put it all together decided to have a flip out and lose all my editing. I had to make do with the mp3 or face a agonising return to editing (which I may well do at some point but not now! I'm done in)

Here then is episode four of Lost Bearings: The Teds of War

I hope you like it. I think it's okay but am all angry I was denied final tweakings due to computer wankery.

It is now my birthday so I am going to demand stuff for the next... 23 hours now... and get away with it because it's my special day.
I predict a fail somehow.

I am to my bed now. I have finished watching series 1 of The Wire and am only vaguely interested. Will stick with it though because so many people are telling me to and I am a big fat Yes Man.

I'd better start turning my thoughts to what we're going to talk about on the next WhoCast. Last episode (114) we talked about the latest special Planet of the Dead which underwhelmed me slightly. Hoping for better things in the next few specials though! So I guess we'll be doing a feedback edition for 115.

We also need to do another BoxRoom Podcast, Jen! Jen? Are you reading this? Let's do one tomorrow (DO ONE!) when we're all drunk on birthday boozes!

Right then, trying to focus on the world around me isn't going too well so I am indeed off to that bed place to ride out the rest of this migraine that seems to be building.

The Teds of War

Wednesday, 15 April 2009 21:27

The fourth installment of the Lost Bearings audio sitcom/drama/thing is actually forming quite nicely before my eyes and ears. The title, it has been decided by a vote of one, will be: The Teds of War.

This is continuing the story of Jeb and his flatmate Terry, two sentient teddy bears, getting by in a human world. In Teds of War we find out what happens after the superlatively epic cliffhanger of episode three... but if you haven't heard any of it yet then what happened? Are you okay?

Here, sit down, have a cup of tea, relax and have an ear load of episode one: Beartopia.

I am currently typing this on my old laptop which, bless the poor old bugger, I recorded the first three episodes on. How I coped with that I will never know but I'm sure Jen will tell you some of the words I used in the process.

I am enjoying the process more this time though. Maybe it's working on a PC, maybe it's the new mic, maybe it's the software I'm using, maybe it's because I just love doing this stuff. Whatever it is, it's good!

Have been keeping a vague eye on the world around me as I stare at the ceiling, seeking inspiration for things like a decently warped weatherman voice and suchlike, I find another online sitcom from people that seem to have the right ideas about things like quality and promotion and I'm both hopeful that there's hope and jealous because they're probably cleverer than me.

Worth checking out, it's called Need You Tonight and you can find them on Twitter and facebook (Here).
Will be keeping an eye on how they do and taking notes!

Apart from the joy I get making my own audio offerings, I also get a rather beautiful headache. But in the end I think it's worth it. So, ouch. Happy, happy ouch.

If nothing else, it amused the hell out of the cat.

Difficult Second Album

Tuesday, 14 April 2009 09:06

While I'm reeling from the underwhelming televisual offerings that slapped my unimpressed chops this weekend I now find myself sitting here the morning after creating a blog that I am going to be woe betided about until the end of time itself if I don't keep updated.

I have the week off work with the ultimate intention of getting my creative brain in gear which, unfortunately, seems to be stuck in reverse at the moment.

My plan for the day is to write Episode 4 of Lost Bearings!
It is a noble plan but you know... I need another coffee and there's a cat on me.

The writing process for this thing is really no process at all. The first three episodes just grew and then... were. I was discussing this with Jen yesterday and I completely forgot the amount of swearwords utilised during the recording due to the unbelievable troubles I had but... but... the end result was pretty good and I should recognise that rather than going, "Yeah, it's okay... not great... oh, see what you think... hope you like..."

I have attempted to write the next episode before and made a valiant start but it's not right, not right at all, so I'm starting from scratch.

So far I have a hundred posh blokes singing a song about cheese on toast.

Let's see where it goes from there.

Reality Block

Monday, 13 April 2009 18:27

My arm has been twisted and as I sit here on this really quite dodgy laptop, with a rather remarkably, even more dodgy, "n" key, I finally find myself writing an actual thing as myself.

This is an attempt at keeping track of myself as well as letting anyone else, who may feel it necessary, keep track of what the hecking flip I am doing, working on, thinking, living through and trying to break the "," key in the process, should they so wish.

Breaking the seal, as it were, of this first one was actually quite difficult and as I write this I am thinking that I should probably not write these exact words as it seems rather like I am just thinking out loud rather than producing any content worthy of any eyes that may be perusing this page but I am on a roll now and I haven't used a comma for a while so I think, possibly, that I'm doing rather well. Damn.

What actually prompted this was a desire, a need, a quest perhaps to speak as myself rather than as my bear Jeb or his flatmate Terry or indeed any other of the characters I play in the Lost Bearings audio adventure that I need still to finish.

Speaking of which, I really need to finish that. I have recently had people (that I do not know) comment upon those audios and, thankfully, liking very much but wondering why they mysteriously finished after three short episodes. I have been meaning to finish this little project for ages and now I feel I can do this and stop stalling and just get on and work on this thing that is so much fun it's preposterously stupid the fact that I haven't actually finished it already.

So that's my aim. I will finish this project, three more episodes, and then I can get on and completely stall doing something else at my leisure.

What I need to realise is that some people like some of the things I do and that is something I can't quite understand even though that's what I aim for! I want people to like what I do, that's the point of it after all, but it's always a surprise when they do. I never could take compliments well. So in order to address this problem I shall be resolutely ignoring it slightly and just pretending that everything is fine and there's no need to worry about showing myself up or doing well or any of the things in-between.

Now, what the hell happens in the next episode?